Campaign 2012

Study: Third Debate Was More Civil 
Romney Again Interrupted More Often Than Obama, Schieffer’s GOP Problem
October 24, 2012

Study: Obama Won Interruption Debate 
Over One Interruption Per Minute in Pres. Debate #2, Romney Got Cut Off 37% More Often Than Obama
October 19, 2012

Study: Presidential Debaters More Aggressive in 2012 
Cut Off Moderator Three Times As Often As In 2008 Debate
October 5, 2012

TV News Coverage Helped Sink Santorum, Romney Rebounded in Race for Good Press 
Broadcast Networks and Fox Both Panned GOP Field
April 10, 2012

TV News Bashes Romney, Boosts Horse Race
CBS Is More Positive Than FOX Toward GOP Field
January 18, 2012

Media Have Bad News For Both Parties
Study Finds Election News Negative But Balanced
October 21, 2010