Press Releases

Press Releases

Study: News Coverage Contradicts Science on High Fructose Corn Syrup
February 4, 2014

Study: Leno’s Top Joke Target Was Bill Clinton
February 4, 2014

Study: Foreign Media Boosted Obama, Bashed Bush
August 22, 2013

Study: TV Comics Hit Democrats Hardest
August 1, 2013

Politics and Facts in PolitiFact Ratings: A Reply to Vanity Fair
June 7, 2013

Study: Media Fact-Checker Says Republicans Lie More
May 28, 2013

Study — News Coverage Shifts on Benghazi Attack
May 13, 2013

Study: Media Framed Benghazi In Obama’s Terms
Democrats’ Depictions of Events Referenced More Than GOP’s, Free Speech and Consulate Security Were Leading Issues
November 2, 2012

Study: TV Comics Hit Mitt Most
Joked About More Than All Dems Combined, Letterman Leads The Charge
October 31, 2012

Study: Third Debate Was More Civil
Romney Again Interrupted More Often Than Obama, Schieffer’s GOP Problem
October 24, 2012

Study: Fact-Checkers Disagree on Who Lies Most
Politifact Hits GOP, But Wash Post Faults Both Parties
October 22, 2012

Study: Obama Won Interruption Debate
Over One Interruption Per Minute in Pres. Debate #2, Romney Got Cut Off 37% More Often Than Obama
October 19, 2012

Study: Presidential Debaters More Aggressive in 2012
Cut Off Moderator Three Times As Often As In 2008 Debate
October 5, 2012

Study: PolitiFact Rates GOP As Biggest Liar
Group Rates Democrats More Truthful in Campaign 2012
September 21, 2012

TV News Coverage Helped Sink Santorum, Romney Rebounded in Race for Good Press
Broadcast Networks and Fox Both Panned GOP Field
April 10, 2012

TV News Bashes Romney, Boosts Horse Race
CBS Is More Positive Than FOX Toward GOP Field
January 18, 2012

GOP Candidates Were Big Joke to TV Comics in 2011
But Top Iowa Finishers Were Spared, Study Finds
January 4, 2012

Sex And Death Top Latenight TV Joke Topics
Study Finds TV Comics Zap Weiner, bin Ladin, GOP Candidates
August 22, 2011

Jay Leno Is Red, Jon Stewart Is Blue
Study Finds Partisan Differences in TV Comedians’ Targets
November 1, 2010

Media Have Bad News For Both Parties
Study Finds Election News Negative But Balanced
October 21, 2010

Arab Media Boost Obama
Study Finds President Gets Best Press Abroad
September 7, 2010

News is Good for Kagan Nomination
Study Finds Favorable Coverage, Even on FOX
June 28, 2010

Obama’s Media Image – Compared to What?
His First Year Coverage Bests Bush, Clinton, Reagan
January 25, 2010

Study: Obama’s Media Coverage Sours
Negativity Rose Sharply After First 100 Days
September 14, 2009

Leno- 33,000 Jokes and Counting
Conan Features Fewer Jokes, Different Targets
May 28, 2009

Media Boost Obama, Bash His Policies
Study Finds President Fares Best in New York Times, Worst on Fox News
April 27, 2009

Late-Nite Talk Shows Were Road to White House
Study Finds Candidates Appeared Over 100 Times
December 29, 2008

Networks Differ In Their Election Coverage
NBC, CBS Most Pro-Democratic; ABC, FOX Most Balanced
October 30, 2008

Obama Leads the Media Race As Well
Study Finds McCain, Palin Get More Negative Press on TV News
October 14, 2008

Obama’s No Joke to Late-Nite TV Comics
Trails McCain, Bush and Hillary in Humor Race But Obama Rules on Comedy Central
August 21, 2008

Media Bash Barack (Not a Typo)
Study Finds Obama Faring Worse On TV News Than McCain
July 28, 2008

Spitzer Grabs Lead in TV Comedians’ Joke Race
Ex-Gov Butt of More Jokes in One Week Than Anyone Else All Year
March 27, 2008

Study Finds Obama’s Media Momentum Slows
But He Still Leads Hillary in the Race for Good Press
March 3, 2008

Media Boost Obama, Bash Billary
NBC Is Toughest on Hillary; FOX Has Heaviest Coverage
February 1, 2008

Election Study Finds Media Hit Hillary Hardest
Obama, Huckabee Fare Best; FOX Is Most Balanced (not a typo)
December 21, 2007

TV Writers Strike Helps Hillary Most
Study Finds Ms. Clinton Is Top Target of TV Comedians Candidate Portrayed as Cold, Dowdy, Dumpy
December 21, 2007