CMPA Studies


Press Releases
Select one of the areas below for links to our relevant studies.

  • Obama Watch — The latest updates from CMPA’s ongoing tracking of major news media coverage of the Obama administration.
  • Election Watch 2008 — The most recent results for our ongoing tracking of televison coverage of the 2008 campaign. Including links to our latenight comedy tracking.
  • Previous Elections — An archive of our reports on the 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992 and 1988 Presidential elections.
  • Political Humor — Tracking the targets of the late night comedians with links to data from previous years.
  • Political Studies — An archive of our research tracking media coverage of previous Administrations and Congress as well as other elections and political debates.
  • International Media Project— In an increasingly interconnected world, CMPA examines the American media’s foreign news and foreign media coverage of topics of international interest.
  • Science and Health Reporting — Over the years CMPA has conducted a large number of studies on media coverage of health and science issues. From food safety to nuclear power to global warming you will find complete links to the relevant research here.
  • Entertainment Studies — Sex, profanity, violence, racial and gender stereotyping in popular culture have all been the subjects of CMPA research that can be accessed through this link.
  • Religion and the Media — This section contains all of the research that CMPA has done on the often thorny problem of media coverage of religion.