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Arab Media Boost Obama
Study Finds President Gets Best Press Abroad
September 7, 2010

Obama’s Media Image – Compared to What?
His First Year Coverage Bests Bush, Clinton, Reagan
January 25, 2010

Study: Obama’s Media Coverage Sours
Negativity Rose Sharply After First 100 Days
September 14, 2009

Leno- 33,000 Jokes and Counting
Conan Features Fewer Jokes, Different Targets
May 28, 2009

Media Boost Obama, Bash His Policies
Study Finds President Fares Best in New York Times, Worst on Fox News
April 27, 2009

Late-Nite Talk Shows Were Road to White House
Study Finds Candidates Appeared Over 100 Times
December 29, 2008

Media Monitors

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