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Study: Foreign Media Boosted Obama, Bashed Bush
August 22, 2013

Arab Media Boost Obama
Study Finds President Gets Best Press Abroad
September 7, 2010


The Global President
By Stephen J. Farnsworth, S. Robert Lichter and Roland Schatz

Media Monitors

The War in Lebanon:
TV News Coverage of the Armed Conflict Between Israel and Hezbollah
July/August 2006

The Media Go to War:
TV News Coverage of the War in Iraq
July/August 2003

George Bush’s Postwar Blues:
TV News Coverage of President Bush since the Iraq War
November/December 2003

Israel vs. the Palestinians:
TV News Coverage of the Second Intifada
July/August 2002

Global News:
TV News Coverage of Global Issues
November/December 2002

Crisis in Kosovo:
TV News Coverage of the NATO Strikes on Yugoslavia
May/June 1999

Clinton’s China Syndrom:
TV News Coverage of President Clinton’s Trip to China
July/August 1998

Soviet Disunion:
TV Coverage of the USSR in 1990
February 1991

The Instant Replay War:
Coverage of the Persian Gulf War
April 1991

After the Storm:
TV News Middle East Coverage Since the Gulf War
December 1991

Drawing Back the Iron Curtain:
TV News Coverage of Eastern Europe in 1989
March 1990

UNO Is Number One:
Media Coverage of the Nicaraguan Elections
May 1990

The Battle Against Apartheid:
Media Coverage of South Africa 1989-90
August/September 1990

Crisis in the Gulf:
TV News Coverage of the Persian Gulf Crisis – Phase I
November 1990

TV’s China Syndrome:
How the Networks Covered the China Story
September 1989

The 1988 News Agenda:
How the Networks Covered the World in 1988 
December 1988

Israel in Crisis:
Coverage of Israel’s Palestinian Problem
May 1988

Moscow Meets the Media:
Comparing Coverage of the Moscow and Washington Summits 
July 1988

The Downing of Iran Air 655:
Covering the Persian Gulf Tragedy
August 1988

The Iran/Contra Story
March 1987

The Tower Report:
The Iran/Contra Story Continued
April 1987

Chernobyl Anniversary:
Media vs. Scientists
May 1987

Back in the U.S.S.R.:
Covering Glasnost
June 1987

From Irangate to Olliemania:
How TV News Covered the Hearings
August 1987

The Japanese Challenge:
Covering Competitiveness
September 1987

Media Coverage of International Events