International Affairs

Media Monitors

The War in Lebanon:
TV News Coverage of the Armed Conflict Between Israel and Hezbollah
July/August 2006

The Media Go to War:
TV News Coverage of the War in Iraq
July/August 2003

George Bush’s Postwar Blues:
TV News Coverage of President Bush since the Iraq War
November/December 2003

Israel vs. the Palestinians:
TV News Coverage of the Second Intifada
July/August 2002

Global News:
TV News Coverage of Global Issues
November/December 2002

Crisis in Kosovo:
TV News Coverage of the NATO Strikes on Yugoslavia
May/June 1999

Clinton’s China Syndrom:
TV News Coverage of President Clinton’s Trip to China
July/August 1998

Soviet Disunion:
TV Coverage of the USSR in 1990
February 1991

The Instant Replay War:
Coverage of the Persian Gulf War
April 1991

After the Storm:
TV News Middle East Coverage Since the Gulf War
December 1991

Drawing Back the Iron Curtain :
TV News Coverage of Eastern Europe in 1989
March 1990

UNO Is Number One:
Media Coverage of the Nicaraguan Elections
May 1990

The Battle Against Apartheid:
Media Coverage of South Africa 1989-90
August/September 1990

Crisis in the Gulf:
TV News Coverage of the Persian Gulf Crisis – Phase I
November 1990

TV’s China Syndrome:
How the Networks Covered the China Story
September 1989

The 1988 News Agenda:
How the Networks Covered the World in 1988 
December 1988

Israel in Crisis:
Coverage of Israel’s Palestinian Problem
May 1988

Moscow Meets the Media:
Comparing Coverage of the Moscow and Washington Summits 
July 1988

The Downing of Iran Air 655:
Covering the Persian Gulf Tragedy
August 1988

The Iran/Contra Story
March 1987

The Tower Report:
The Iran/Contra Story Continued
April 1987

Chernobyl Anniversary:
Media vs. Scientists
May 1987

Back in the U.S.S.R.:
Covering Glasnost
June 1987

From Irangate to Olliemania:
How TV News Covered the Hearings
August 1987

The Japanese Challenge:
Covering Competitiveness
September 1987

Longer Reports

Media Coverage of International Events