Other Studies

Media Monitors

The Diversity Debate:
How the Media Covered the Media Coverage of Affirmative Action in College Education
September/October 2003

Scandalous Business:
TV News Coverage of the Corporate Scandals
September/October 2002

What’s the Matter with Kids Today?
Images of Teenagers on Local and National TV News
September/October 2000

Violence Goes to School:
How TV News Has Covered School Shootings
July/August 1999

What Do the people Want from the Press?
National Poll of Public Attitudes Toward the News
May/June 1997

Network News in the Nineties:
The Top Topics and Trends of the Decade
July/August 1997

The Rodney King Case: Part I
How TV News Covered the Arrest, the Trial, and the Verdict
March 1993

The Rodney King Case: Part II
How TV News Covered the Los Angeles Riots
April 1993

Reporting on Recession:
How the Media Covered the Economic Downturn
May 1991

The News in Black and White:
National Media Coverage of Race Relations in America
February 1990

Free Speech vs. Obscenity:
The Debate Over Standards for Speech and Art
December 1990

The War on Drugs:
Covering the Debate Over Drug Abuse
January 1989

The Budget and the Deficit:
Covering the Battle Over the Budget
July/August 1989

Roe vs. Webster:
Covering the Continuing Debate Over Abortion
October 1989

The Big Spill:
Covering the Exxon Valdez Alaskan Oil Spill
April/May 1989

The Visible Poor:
Media Coverage of the Homeless 1986-1989
March 1989

The Economy – After the Fall:
TV’s Economic News since the Wall Street Crash
October 1988

Market Meltdown:
Covering the Wall Street Crash
October 1987

Tricky Treaty:
Covering the Quest for Arms Control
November 1987